Australian Lemon Myrtle, (Backhousia citriodora)  is an amazing tree native to Australia. It is acknowledged by many as the best natural source of citral oil on the earth. Common names also include “lemon scented myrtle” and “lemon ironwood”. It is grown commercially mainly in Northern NSW and South-East Queensland.  Lemon myrtle is harvested to produce leaf, essential oil and distillate which are utilised in therapeutic, culinary, cosmetic, disinfectant and fragrance applications. Generally the essential oil recovered from lemon myrtle contains over 90% citral. This essential oil contains approximately 50 components. Research and observation indicates that these components interact with each other, rendering the oil more effective than citral alone.    Lemon myrtle was first noted as having strong anti-bacterial efficacy in the 1920’s by Penfold and Grant. It has been considered to be more efficacious than Melaleuca alternifolia (Australian tea tree) READ MORE.
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I call lemon myrtle my magic bullet!! I have used lemon myrtle leaf for about three years now - as a mouthwash it's a wonderful freshener and my gums have improved out of sight. If I feel the beginnings of a sore throat, I immediately reach for my leaf and make a strong tea from it - gargle and in no time my sore throat is no more. I also add it to other herbal tea preparations such as Herb Robert which is quite bland - and it is transformed into a really tasty tea.

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